Q: How's the environment of CCU?

A: There is a market  just in front of the university, which includes restaurants and food stands. Besides, various kinds of food and drinks are provided in the restaurants of Activity Center. Nearby the student dorms in the campus, there is a supermarket in which students can buy things of their daily lives.

Q: Is there any dorm for student in the campus?

A: Yes. The spaces of student dorms are randomly distributed by average.  Generally, there are two or three students of each class, who are willing to live in the dorms, can have the chance. Nevertheless, the student who has the best performance on the entrance exam can have the priority.

Q: How can I get to CCU?

A: First, you can take the train to Chia-yi train station and then tranfer to the campus by Chia-yi county bus. Moreover, students who lives in Taipei, Taoyuan and Jung-li can take Solar highway bus which directly reaches the campus. Transportation Information [LINK]

Q: What kind of help can the institute provide in the campus living?

A: The institute will have a welcome event on the day of registration and provide the opportunity of part time job and other living guides in the campus.

Q: What will a student of the institute be after graduated from here?

A: Linguistics can be separated as theoretic linguistics and applied linguistics. If you do theoretic linguistics in your graduate life, it is possible for you to study abroad for higher degree on linguistics or you may stay in Taiwan to be a full time assistant of any linguistic projects. If you do applied linguistics, you may become a researcher of minor languages (such as Austronesian aboriginal languages in Taiwan) or you can do the research related to sign languages when you are in our institute and then you are able to help deaf people in the future.

Q: How to get the admission  for international students?

A: International students who are interesting to our institute and want to make an application can go to the website of Office of Academic Affairs [LINK] for details.

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