PhD Dissertation

Name Title Director Status
Ying-Shing Li Effects of Lexical Frequency and Neighborhood Density on Incomplete Neutralization in Taiwan Mandarin James T. Myers 2010/08 Completed
Shiou-Fen Su Modality Effects in Grammar and Discourse in Taiwan Sign Language James H-Y. Tai 2011/08 Completed
Yi-Jun Chen Questioning in Taiwan Sign Language Conversation James H-Y. Tai 2012/08 Completed
Mei-Hsiu Chen A Diachronic Study of Motion Event Constructions in Chinese Jung-Hsing Chang 2013/07 Completed
Chien-Hung Lin The Syntax and Semantics of Comparatives in Sign Language Jung-Hsing Chang 2014/01 Completed
Tsi-Wei Chen Southern Min Tone Perception by Young and Elderly Adults James T. Myers 2014/07 Completed
Miao-Jin Qiu A Corpus-based Analysis of Existential Constructions in Chinese Jung-Hsing Chang 2014/08 Completed
Yo Sekiguchi A Comparison of Japanese and Chinese Written Narratives from Perspective of Cognitive Linguistics Jung-Hsing Chang 2014/08 Completed
Vinco Ruan
A Learning Methodology for English Grammar-based Ontologies

Daniel J. Buehrer

James T. Myers

2015/08 Completed
Chia-hua Wu On the shift of Nouns to Verbs in Classical Chinese Jung-Hsing Chang 2016/05 Completed
Hsin-Hsien Lee A Comparative Study of the Phonology of Taiwan Sign Language and Signed Chinese James T. Myers 2016/08 Completed
Hsuan-Yu Tai Identifying and responding to the challenges in ELF academic writing Victoria Rau 2016/12 Completed

Last Update: 2017/5/1

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