Name Title Director Status
Guan-Nan Jiang Learning Quality- and Quantity-Sensitive Stress in Artificial Languages James T. Myers 2016/01 Completed
Guan-Li Liu Basic-Level Words in Chinese: A Computational and Psycholinguistic Investitgation James T. Myers 2016/07 Completed
Si-Qi Su A Study of Phonological Variation between [z] and [l] in Taiwan Southern Min Victoria Rau 2016/07 Completed
Ching-Huang Wen A Case Study of Wen-je Ko's Political Discourse: From a Political Novice to Taipei Mayor Victoria Rau 2016/07 Completed
Hsiao-ching Hung Imperatives in Taiwan Sign Language Jung-Hsing Chang 2016/08 Completed
Pei-Shan Chen A Sociolinguistic Study of Phonological Variation of Nasal Coda (eng) Merger in Taiwan Mandarin Victoria Rau 2017/01 Completed

Last Update: 2017/5/1

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