The following regulations govern the entrance, conduct, examination and award of Doctoral Degree in Institute of Linguistics (hereinafter referred to as the Institute) of the National Chung Cheng University (hereinafter referred to as the CCU). These regulations follow the University's policies and other relevant principles.

I. Admission

A. Students with an MA degree from a regionally accredited college or university in Taiwan or other countries and pass the Institute’s criteria for admission are eligible for admission to the PhD program.

B. MA students of the Institute may attend the doctoral program by the recommendation of the Institute, according to the “CCU regulations of MA students attending PhD program”.

C. The year of study is generally 3 years (Minimum: 2 years; Maximum: 7 years). The time limit for on-the-job students is from 2 to 8 years.

II. Course requirements

Each student is requested to take 30 credits of courses (6 required credits and 24 elective credits).

A. Required courses:

1. Methods of Linguistic Data Collection (3 credits)

2. Foundation of Linguistic Theories (3 credits)

B. Elective courses:

Each student is required to choose one major area (at least 9 credits) and one minor area (at least 6 credits) from the following six areas. In addition, one course must at least be taken from two of the other areas.

1. Phonology and Phonetics

2. Syntax and Semantics

3. Pragmatics and Sociolinguistics

4. Languages and Cognition

5. Corpus and Computational Linguistics

6. Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

C. Students may take PhD courses from other departments or institutions with the approval of the advisor and the Institute director (at most 6 credits).

D. The Institute may require students to take syntax and phonology courses based on the backgrounds of the students.

E. The credits from required courses of PhD program in the Institute are eligible for exemption. The course that is applied for credit exemption should be taken within 3 years.

F. MA students that attend a PhD program directly must follow the regulations above.

III. Doctoral Candidate Qualifying Exam

A. Students are required to decide their dissertation advisors after the first 2 studying years of the program. The dissertation advisors will form the Committee of Dissertation (3 to 5 members) and inform the Committee of Institute Affairs.

B. Before applying for the qualifying exam, a PhD student must complete thirty credits within three years and the grade of each course must be above 80 out of 100.

C. A PhD student must pass the qualifying exam within five years. A student may apply for a second round of qualifying exam within the studying time limitation of the program. A student who fails the second qualifying exam will be forced to drop out the program.

D. The oral defense of PhD dissertation proposal must be completed in 2 hours in general. Candidates with scores of or above 70 pass the oral defense exam; those with the scores lower than 70 are eligible to apply for a second oral defense exam.

IV. Doctoral Dissertation and Oral Defense

A. The total size of Committee of Oral Defense should be 5 to 9 members, including the dissertation advisor(s). One member of the committee must be from outside the Institute. If necessary, this outside member may be from another university.

B. Director of the Institute decides the Committee convener (the dissertation advisor cannot be the convener).

C. The doctoral dissertation must be conducted by a PhD student under the instruction of the dissertation advisor. The content of the study must be original and with systematic organization.

D. Two months earlier of doctoral dissertation and oral defense, students have got to submit the following requirements to the Institute.

1. Application(s)

2. The certificate of passing the doctoral candidate qualifying exam

3. Submit one paper with formal peer-reviews (co-author papers: you have to show the proof of that your contribution is over 60%)

4. The committee consists of 5 to 9 members, the advisor is included. One member of the committee must be from outside the Institute.

E. The requirements for doctoral dissertation and oral defense are as follows.

1. Application(s)

2. Transcript for all semesters

3. The consent for doctoral dissertation and oral defense

4. The register of Committee members

5. The consent of the chairman/convener for doctoral dissertation and oral defense

F. After two weeks of submitting the applications, students may take doctoral dissertation and oral defense.

G. The candidate(s) have to give the dissertation(s) to the committee members before at least two weeks of the oral defense.

V. Scholarship

A PhD student may apply for any scholarships that are offered by the Institute during the program.

VI. Supplement

The rules and regulations stated in this document shall be administered after they are approved by Committee of Institute Affairs and Office of Academic Affairs. Any revision to this guideline must follow the same procedures.

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