An Introduction to the Graduate Institute of Linguistics

National Chung Cheng University

The Graduate Institute of Linguistics at National Chung Cheng University is a research-oriented institute which emphasizes the role of linguistics within the field of cognitive science. All our professors have doctoral degrees from major international research universities. It is expected that our students will carry out research in phonetics, phonology, syntax and semantics as well as in topics such as computational linguistics, corpus linguistics, psycholinguistics, and neurolinguistics.


The vision of this department is to advance the field of linguistics by using rich data from Chinese languages and non-Chinese languages in Taiwan and mainland China. In this process we also aim to advance our understanding of the physiological underpinnings of the linguistic system. To achieve the above goals, we have set up three laboratories within this department. They are a phonetics laboratory, a language processing laboratory and a computational linguistic laboratory. These three laboratories will enable us to use data from either large scale corpora or linguistic experiments. In addition, this department has close ties with other departments related to cognitive science including psychology, philosophy, computer science.


Our Master's students take courses in phonetics, phonology, syntax, and semantics in order to gain a solid background in linguistics. In addition to these core courses, there are seminars areas like computational linguistics, corpus linguistics, psycholinguistics, sentence processing, cognitive linguistics. Our students are encouraged to take related courses in the other disciplines of cognitive science as well.


The Graduate Institute of Linguistics at National Chung Cheng University admitted its first M.A. class in the Fall of 1995. It is the newest graduate institute of linguistics in Taiwan with the vision to bring linguistic research into the 21st century.

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